Florian Floo Weber Psychology has always fascinated me. That's because it’s translated as "the doctrine of the soul". However, after completing my studies I have always been bo- thered by the fact that it is psycho”logical” counselor. What use is the logic in a head, if the feeling is in the as...? A human being is not a mathematical task that can be solved with the help of a comprehensive collection of formulas. But man is capable of anything. Even too much that he considers impossible. Killing a mammoth, making fires, building pyramids, bring babies to the world, for example. And all the other things we do today without thinking. Sometimes it just needs a little ray of hope coming from outside. An impulse, a good feedback or just a curious idea that moves us to something. In any case, move away from the problem to something new.
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And I believe in that. That we are able to solve and realize everything with the conditions. Common, let’s try it!